Bible Teaching Notes
Thursday, March 21, 2019
Omar C. Garcia

Who Encourages the Encourager?

Who encourages the encourager?
Who cares for the care-giver?
Who heals the healer?
Who is sensitive to the one who is sensitive to others?
Who aids the one who aids others?
Who supports the one who supports others?
Who ministers to the one who ministers?
Who gives to the one who gives?
Who shares with the one who shares?
Who embraces the one who embraces?
Who walks beside the one who walks beside others?
Who loves the one who loves?
Who keeps watch over the watchman?
Who guards the guard?
Who protects the protector?
Who listens to the one who listens?
Who hears the one who hears?
Who feels for the one who feels?
Who sharpens the one who sharpens?
Who helps the one who helps?
Who serves the one who serves?
Who is a Jonathan to a Jonathan?
Who is a Barnabas to a Barnabas?
Who is an encourager to an encourager?

Source:Omar C. Garcia April 1991

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