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Thursday, March 21, 2019
Omar C. Garcia

Are You Wired?

   I finally got around to meeting the new neighbors. Seem like really nice folks from a distance, if it's possible to tell such things from afar. Our meeting was precipitated by their home security alarm. I arrived home from work to the sound of their blaring alarm. The neighbor across the street informed me that the shrill siren had been sounding continuously since he had arrived home four hours earlier, but that he had not bothered to check into the matter! I told him that an older retired couple had moved into the house and was worried something might have happened to them. I rushed over to the house and rang the doorbell as I simultaneously knocked on the door. Finally a silver-haired gentleman emerged from the house. He motioned for me to wait a moment and then went back into his house while the alarm continued its earsplitting concerto. After a minute or so he was at the door once again with a pad and pencil in hand. He motioned to his ears and shook his head. He is deaf! His wife is deaf, too!

   He handed me the pad and pencil and motioned for me to write. And so I introduced myself on paper. I politely welcomed him to the neighborhood and then informed him that his alarm's siren had been on all afternoon. He shook his head apologetically and invited me into his home to show him how to properly operate the alarm system. I did and he smiled. We then continued our conversation for a full four pages, passing the pad and pencil back and forth! I assured him that I would keep an eye on him and his wife and he smiled again as he jotted down the word "Thanks." He wrote that he was in the process of having his security alarm tied into the lights in his home, like his doorbell, so that they would blink on and off in conjunction with the sound. Blinking lights — a warning of danger to a couple who live in a world of silence.
   I walked back home slowly and quietly, trying to imagine life without sound. No television. No music. No sounds of dogs barking at night or kids playing up and down the street. No loud lawn mowers on Saturday mornings. No thunder on stormy days. No sounds of birds singing or leaves gently rustling in the breeze. None of the usual and familiar neighborhood sounds that I take for granted. Not even the high-pitched sound of a home security alarm. No sounds at all. Only silence. And then I thought about the blinking lights which would serve as their only warning in the event of danger. Maybe I should get my home security alarm hooked into the house lights. In the event of an emergency I would like to have all the warning I can get! And since I can both see and hear, such an arrangement would serve me just fine.
   Maybe God should hook each of us up to an alarm and blinking lights. Can you imagine being wired with a personal life alarm designed to warn us and those around us of spiritual, moral, or ethical danger. Just imagine the salesman setting off his alarm with a little white lie to help him close the deal! Imagine the client being frightened out of the room at the sound of the alarm and blinking lights! Picture the spouse about to cross over the line into the region of infidelity. An illicit amorous rendezvous ruined by alarms and blinking lights! Imagine the student bent over his desk while taking mid-term exams setting off his alarm and blinking lights with a glance over the shoulder of the student in front of him. Yes, maybe God should hook each of us up to a personal life alarm triggered by our disobedience to His Word. But then again, He already has! Don't be deaf and blind to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Source:Omar C. Garcia May 1991

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